Kampala veterinary surgery

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Preventive health care

Vaccination Program

Medical prophylaxis programs

Endoparaste control program (deworming)

Ectoparasite control program (Ticks, Fleas, Mites, Flies, Lice)

Clinical services

Medical veterinary care

Animal Health Checks and Consultation

Erective and non-erective surgeries

Educative sensitization on animal health care and welfare

Dental Care

Weight Checks

Nursing services


Pet Day care and boarding services

Pet shop

Pet care products

Pets Travel Scheme

Pet travel within Uganda and internationally

Farm animal travel within Uganda

Pet grooming

Home visit services


We insert an ISO- Compliant microtransponder which is internationally accepted and read by standard microchip readers.

Community outreach services

Community services such as spay neuter and general treatment, animal welfare education in schools


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